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Facility Access Management System (FAMS)


FAMS_image_1An Intelligent Keyless Management System for total control over your telecommunication station or other remote facility:

  • Greatly improves security at your facility
  • Gives management total control over a remote location
  • Eliminates problems associated with keyed and combination entry such as lost keys, jammed locks, and unwanted access
  • Manage access with intelligent keyless entry system
  • Track facility activity with FAMS's auditing capabilities
  • Fully integrated system connecting your PC with gate access, facility lighting, the alarm system, facility temperature, and more…all at your fingertips.


The Facility Access Management System™ (FAMS™) provides a comprehensive system for managing telecommunication stations and other remote facilities, using keyless technology and management software to deliver the ultimate in control and security.

FAMS is based around programmable RF Key Fobs, handheld remote devices that eliminate problems associated with keyed or combination padlock entry and allow greater control and tracking. Each designated employee and contractor is issued a Key Fob with a unique code to track and manage that user's access to the facility, which can be instantly disabled in the event of a lost Key Fob or personnel change. When an authorized user requires access to the facility, he will use the Key Fob to activate a GateCuff™, a locking device that eliminates “daisy chains of locks” and improves security and efficiency. FAMS™ will also enable the user to open the facility remotely if the need arises. This entry system virtually eliminates unauthorized entry and lock failure and allows the administrator to precisely control who accesses the location and when they may do so.

In addition to access management, FAMS™ is a fully integrated system that allows the administrator to control and monitor the facility remotely. FAMS™ is compatible with most camera and alarm systems, providing the user with real-time visibility over the site and reducing labor requirements.

The system can be fully customized to meet the needs of each user, and optional features include the ability to control lighting or automatically turn on lights at entry, automatic activation of video recording to monitor door activity, and a remote temperature sensor that can monitor temperature to increase energy efficiency. Back-up battery power is a standard feature, ensuring full functionality in the event of a power failure.

The administrator has complete control over the system and can manage the facility from a PC using any Internet connection, bringing real-time information and management capabilities to the user's fingertips. The administrator can remotely direct all authorizations, activations, or deactivations of Key Fobs, and a complete audit is instantly available that details all activity at the facility.

With a heightened level of security, the elimination of outdated padlocks and manual door keys, and efficient control of the location, FAMS™ is a revolutionary product that provides a new level of facility access management.

To download a complete brochure on FAMS, please click here (Adobe Acrobat).


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