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 Eliminate Daisy Chain Locks


• Eliminates manual keys & multiple padlocks
• Remote access via Keyfob or internet
• Activity audit
• Notification alerts (SNMP) via text/email



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GateCuff" is a keyless gate access system that improves security and efficiency at cellular communications sites and other remote facilities. GateCuff eliminates "daisy chain of locks" and prevents problems associated with keyed, keypad, and combination entry such as lost keys, unchanged keypad codes, jammed padlocks and unauthorized access.

GateCuff® is a reinforced lock that is securely mounted on any fencing or gate,providing a strong and secure lock for any facility. Instead of keys or combinations, GateCuff uses programmable RF Key Fobs; handheld remote devices that eliminate problems  associated with traditional entry systems and allow greater control and tracking.

GateCuff is a key component of MJST's Facility Access Management System·(FAMS),a comprehensive system for managing telecommunication stations and other remote  facilities using keyless technology and management software. However, GateCuff can also be purchased and installed independently of FAMS.

 To download a complete brochure on GateCuff®, please click here

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