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Changing the perception of “blankets” in the grocery business, MJST has a viable solution for combo loading. CWPQ™ has the performance capability to maintain frozen quality inside a 36°F trailer, and also sustain perishable freshness in a frozen environment. CWPQ™ adds an element of flexibility within the distribution of frozen and perishable commodities.

  • Unique two piece design effectively covers pallets from 24” to 86” tall.  
  • Vertical storage feature extends life and eliminates wasted time searching for the correct size “blanket”.  
  • License plate windows
  • Forklift straps
  • Convenient color coded velcro for stowage 
  • 69000289 (Fits up to a 70" Pallet Height)
  • 69000296 (Fits up to a 88" Pallet Height)
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