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Power Door Bolt

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Enhanced Security and Total Access Control for External Freezers and Coolers

Power Door Bolt (PDB)™ from MJST provides an intelligent solution for managing access for external coolers and freezers. The system greatly enhances security and gives management total access control over these valuable resources. 

PDB employs a reinforced locking device that is mounted on the inside of the freezer, increasing security and discouraging unwanted lock tampering. The keyless system is available with RF Key Fob or RF Key Pad access control, which virtually eliminate problems associated with keyed and combination entry such as lost keys, jammed locks, key drops, and unwanted access.

Eliminate Manually Keyed Door Bolts

By eliminating the use of manually keyed locks, Power Door Bolt makes key drops a thing of the past, while our Key Fob management system eliminates the costly replacement of locks due to lost keys. Employing the Internal Electronic Door Bolt at your restaurant allows drivers to un-lock delivery doors with our keyless RF remote, increasing security, and raising the overall efficiency of your operation. The Door Bolt also comes equipped with an emergency lock release, providingan easy exit in case of an emergency, and keeping worker safety at a premium.

Eliminate pad locks on all freezer door

External freezers and coolers are becoming more and more critical in today's restaurant industry, and while our dependency on external freezers continues to grow so does the need to keep them secure. The Power Door Bolt developed by Mi-Jack Systems and Technology replaces pad-locks often used to secure freezers with a stronger, more secure electronic door bolt on the inside of the freezer door. Providing controlled security access via keyless RF remote, and increasing the overall security of your operation. In addition to being a far more secure option the Power Door Bolt  also comes equipped with, full audit ability, ensuring that the product outside your facility retains the same integrity as the product you serve.


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