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Back Door Management System™

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The Back Door Management System (BDMS)TM from MJST provides a complete solution for managing access for the “back of the house door” (or other door used for deliveries) at restaurants and similar facilities. The system allows management to take control of door security and significantly increases the efficiency of all deliveries.  

The BDMS system allows the back door to be kept closed more often to reduce unwanted entry, energy waste, and prevent the entry of insects and rodents.  Optional features control of lighting so that it turns on and off with each entry, activation of cameras for video recording of all door activity, and a remote temperature sensor for freezer and cooler monitoring. 

 To download a complete brochure on BDMS, please click here


Assistance for your unassisted delivery

The keyless system is available with RF Key Fob access control, which virtually eliminate problems associated with keyed and combination entry such as lost keys, jammed locks, unwanted access, and time-consuming key drops.

  • Increase security
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Reduce rodent & insect access
  • Reduce delivery times
  • Eliminate false alarm costs
  • Eliminate manual keys
  • Door activity audit
  • Keeps doors closed 90% of delivery time
  • Remotely open/close doors via RF keyfob /internet
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