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Facility Access Management System™

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Keyless Access Control

  • Remote Access to gates & doors via RF keyfob/internet
  • Eliminate manual keys - Update and control keyfobs via web portal
  • Activity Audit
  • Notification alerts via text/email
  • I/O to control external devices
 To download a complete brochure on FAMS, please click here

Enhanced Security... Controlled Access... Monitored Events

The Facility Access Management System™ (FAMS) from MJST provides a complete solution for managing access to telecommunication stations and other remote facilities.  The system greatly enhances security and gives management total control over the facility.

The keyless system allows Management to access and control FAMS with RF Key Fobs or via the internet. Keyless access eliminates problems associated with keyed and combination entry such as lost keys, jammed locks, and unwanted access.

FAMS' ECU (Electronic Control Unit) captures all door events and audits are downloadable through a standard serial port or Ethernet connection across the internet using MJST's Windows based software. The fully integrated system can also connect your PC to facility lighting, alarm systems, security camera monitoring and more.


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