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Power In-Lock™

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Turn your Truck/Trailer/Container into a Safe

Strong, Secure and Smart. The Power In-Lock™ internal lock from MJST, mounts to any Roll-Down, Swing-Out or ISO container doors. With Power In-Lock you can be confident that your truck, trailer or container is securely locked every time the door is closed, yet authorized access is quick and easy 
The Power In-Lock™ internal lock's ECU (Electronic Control Unit) captures all lock events and audits are downloadable through a standard ® serial port connector using MJST's Windows based software.
Power In-Lock is available with RF Key Fob, RF Key Pad or GSM/GPRS access control.

 To download a complete brochure on PIL™, please click here


• Internal lock not visible from the outside

• Lock activation by RF Keyfob/Keypad/GSM

• Standalone or interfaces with industry Telematic devices

• Activity audit

• Traceability & chain of custody


Capture Event Audit Information

  • Identify who access cargo
  • Driver access is an identifiable RF key fob
  • Eliminate driver access when necessary
  • Operate via PC/Lap Top
  • Track all door activity: Time Open / Time Closed
  • Automatically locks when closed
Authorized Access is Quick and Easy
  • Eliminate logistic problems of key management such as: Lost, Missing Keys, etc.
  • Eliminate access problems of exterior locks such as Dirt Filled, Frozen or Corroded Locks
  • Greatly reduce the potential for internal theft
  • False paperwork is useless to gain access to cargo
Power In-Lock™ internal lock comes complete with
  • Precision manufactured internal lock
  • RF lock setup and audit software
  • RS232 interface connector
  • ECU (Electronic Control Unit)
  • Door status sensor
  • Side wall mounting plate (Roll Up Door Application) with automatic lock bracket
  • Rear door mounting hardware (Swing Out Door application)


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