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  • ThermaPak®
  • ThermaPak®
  • ThermaPak®

Therma-Pak® is used to prevent damage caused by excessive heat, extreme cold, and condensation. Therma-Pak® is an economic and environmentally friendly alternative to dry ice and gel packs. Therma-Pak® has sealed Velcro handles that are located at sides. These units can easily be cleaned and sanitized by using a non abrasive, light duty, antibacterial spray cleaner.

  • Portable
  • Easy to Carry
  • Durable-Long Lasting
  • Transport your Deliveries Easy and Safely
  • Lightweight Patented Floater Design
  • Extended Periods
  • Food Safe Mylar™ Liner Compliant With FDA Standards
  • Superior Insulation
  • Sealed Velcro Handles


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The newly redesigned ThermaPak® are used to protect both hot and cold products from temperature variation during shipping. Whether you are shipping gallons of ice cream or boxes of chocolate, ThermaPak® will allow you to maintain product integrity while reducing cost and harmful emissions given off by refers. The new ThermaPak®s are manufactured with the same hi-tech materials as all of our products; however we have added 25% more insulation to each bag along with several other features we know you will appreciate.

ThermaPak® are designed utilizing a patented non-mechanical thermal variation protection system.High-tech insulation fill is one part of the patented multilayer insulating system that goes into the products we manufacture. Our customers get the transportation industry's most cost effective temperature control products. Reducing or eliminating dry ice not only reduces overall cost but keeps your organization Green.


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